[ConsoleKit] need better way to start sessions

Ray Strode halfline at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 13:20:20 PST 2010


> in ~/.xinitrc
> "exec ck-launch-session window_manager"
> So far:
> polkit-gnome-authentication-agent
> dbus ?
> pulseaudio
> to varying degrees all need to be started after the consolekit session
> is initialized. Traditionally applications are started in ~/.xinitrc.

If you use .Xclients or .xsession you shouldn't need to do anything special
(on Fedora at least), you'll get a ck session "for free".  You'll also
get a dbus session.

pulseaudio should be activated automatically when used, and the polkit
authentication agent
should get autostarted by your session manager.

> So a suggestion:
> A consolekit tool that will attach a ck session to the current
> process. "ck-attach-session" would not return until the session has
> been initialized. It can be placed in the beginning of ~/.xinitrc, and
> it wouldn't require major changes to the current ~/.xinitrc workflow.
It might make sense to make ck-launch-session have an "eval" mode
like dbus-launch, ssh-agent, etc have.

also having a ck-join-session that moves a shell to an already running
session would be useful.

Might be worth filing an RFE in bugzilla.


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