[CREATE] colour lists; in Oyranos?

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Thu Sep 15 13:39:58 PDT 2005

The profiles are in place. I bundled some in Oyranos available since some 
time from the www.behrman.name site. 
Peter Linnell helped splitting them by license terms, and everybody can 
now choose what is appropriate. 

sRGB/Lab/XYZ from Marti Maria. They are tagged with 
"no copyright, use freely". I consider sRGB the currently most important 
ECI/FOGRA print profiles have a Heidelberg license.
L-Star/Photogamut with theyre licenses.

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Am 15.09.05, 20:42 +0200 schrieb Craig Bradney:

> On Thursday 15 September 2005 20:02, James Cloos wrote:
> > >>>>> "Craig" == Craig Bradney <cbradney at zip.com.au> writes:
> >
> > Craig> I mean many people done need profiles, ie, they "just want to
> > Craig> work" with what they get from a default install and thats it.
> >
> > They should then just get a default profile -- probably sRGB or even
> > just an f(x)=x type profile.
> >
> > They don't even need to know that they are using a profile.
> >
> > Such a setup will also help those that do care, since the code will
> > tend to expect profiles and be closer to Doing The Right Thing, even
> > code that wasn't necessarily for pre-press type usage.
> As long as you can make a good one with no license restrictions, this is 
> possible. You have to be able to get these files onto all platforms with 
> their level of strictness of "free", eg, Debian.
> Craig
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