[CREATE] FOSS, Science, and Public activism

Alan Horkan horkana at maths.tcd.ie
Sat Jul 1 06:30:12 PDT 2006

On Fri, 30 Jun 2006 proclus at gnu-darwin.org wrote:

> Cross-posting is to be encouraged when the subject of the post is on
> topic.


> Duly, I am amenable to valid criticism and able to respond, but please
> reply with kindness.  Obviously, feel free to write back, copy, or
> send these comments along to anyone else as you see fit.

This very long post seems more than a bit off topic for the Create mailing
list.  The list is intended to help encourage collaboration and format
standardisation between various graphics and multimedia applications.  A
link and a very short description encouraging people to read your article
about GNU Darwin might have been more appropriate.  Although your goals
are laudible, cross posting to many lists without tailoring your message
to each list does not seem like the best way to get your point across to
those in the best position to help you or most likely to get involved with
any campaign.


Alan H.

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