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Sat Oct 10 16:04:04 PDT 2009

Thanks Louis!

Sorry for being silent for a while: we do feel passionate about many of
the issues discussed here, which is why our design looks the way it
looks. Our first concern now is to get the LGM site launched sooner
rather than later, so here's an attempt to go back to the concrete issue
of the LGM site/logo:

First of all, we designed a visual/typographic identity to the yearly
Libre Graphics Meetings (and not to all Libre Graphics projects).

To summarize (sorry if I misrepresent):

- it looks beautiful amazing etc. (some of you :-))
- background yellow over-saturated (many of you)
- concern about visual continuity (a.l.e, Tobias)
- site looking 'too technical' (Tobias)
- finding logo too generic (Tobias)

The main issue for OSP, is that we don't think continuity can be
resolved by going back to the paint splash. We honestly feel it
misrepresents the pleasure of using and developing Libre Graphics Tools
and we have consciously decided to work with imagery that avoids such

So for us, it is a package deal! Diversity of projects and people
present at LGM is important so the background represents the different
materials we share between us (designers, developers, artists). Since
the meeting is a yearly point of convergence, we thought it needed to
mark the occasion by some kind of flag.

We think that the logo would look fantastic on LGM merchandising, it is
a strong graphic signature and the site-background can be used in many
other ways too.

We don't know really when/how to reach a consensus but hope your
enthusiasm prevails :-)

all the best from Brussels

Alexandre Leray and OSP

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Just as a friendly reminder to all participants to this delightful 
> conversation, this thread is (was) about LGM 2010 Website. Can we 
> either split the thread or get back to the original discussion or both 
> ? I am trying to follow... :-)
> Louis
> 2009/10/7 Yuval Levy <create07 at sfina.com <mailto:create07 at sfina.com>>
>     Christoph Schäfer wrote:
>     > Am Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009 08:33:26 schrieb Alexandre Prokoudine:
>     >> Does Scribus import SVG flawlessly?
>     >
>     > No, and you know why.
>     I don't. would you care to enlighten me?
>     As a simple user I find it bizarre that when specs are publicly
>     available; and Free implementations are available too; that it is not
>     the same implementation used in all tools. Isn't this easier to do
>     than
>     trying to change UI toolkit?
>     > How easy is it to use a program that's not part of a
>     > certain vendor's portfolio, but actually more suited to the task
>     in a
>     > workflow?
>     Being part of the portfolio and having unified UI is mostly eye candy.
>     Being able to pass smoothly files through the different steps in the
>     workflow is much more important.
>     File format support as precognized by Alexandre; and
>     multi-platform support.
>     Ideally *all* file formats: existing and not yet invented;
>     standardized
>     and work in progress; obsolete and current; encrypted; approved;
>     disapproved; and anything else I forgot. Same for platforms.
>     Give the user the freedom to choose which UI he wants to interact
>     with.
>     make sure he can open and use his files, no matter what tool/UI he
>     chooses.
>     Yuv
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