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Camille Bissuel cbissuel at yagraph.org
Mon Aug 16 01:01:41 PDT 2010

to Cyrille Berger :

*While lgw does not cover the LGA purpose, it matches the lga website. To be
honest, from what I have understood, lga = lgw + create.*
---> In my view, lga > lgw + create, to another public (users) and other
aims (demonstrate + explain +teach ...). LGW is excellent for news and
Create is excellent for collaboration between projects, but there are others
topics to be covered.
Can I mess up the create wiki and change it's aim without starting a flame
war ? If I can, I do agree with you that there is no need for another

*If people thinks create does not works very well, I fail to see how having
an "association" is
going to magically solve any problem. Especially, considering that what
lack is mostly of animation.
Also, creating an association with no revenue seems to be a lot of
bureaucratic work. In many countries, the main point of registering an
association is to get access to a bank account.*
---> to have a bank account in the future, you have to start by creating an
association, not the opposite way. It will allow us to start the project and
start to share some means. Furthermore, according to a.l.e, creating an
association in Switzerland is really simple and there is no bureaucratic

*Finally, I want to encourage any effort in promoting libre creative
but I add my voices in the "there is already too many separated efforts,
join force instead of creating new".*
---> Totally agree with that. What I'm doing wrong to let you think that LGA
is not about joining forces ?

For the Libre graphics magazine, I do agree too, but it will have a far much
lesser diffusion than a website. I don't understand why peoples agree on the
magazine, and not on the website, despite they share parts on the same
objectives (promoting and demonstrating libre graphics tools).
Am I stupid ?

I feel that the best way to convince is to start working on it.
So, let's go.

Have a nice day,

2010/8/16 a.l.e <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch>

> hi ginger,
> > > So we could create a magazine (available as PDF, and printed to
> > > people who want a paper edition, actually someone already started
> > > such a project, I think
> > > ?), or a booklet that could be send as "commercial" to companies, a
> > > book (either tutorial, or a "story" book with illustration created
> > > with our software).
> > > All done with free software. Then you can show the results to
> > > professional, and impress them. When I was a student, I
> > > participated in editing a student weekly newspaper, we managed to
> > > print in four colors using a two cylinders rotary printer, the
> > > seller was so surprised by the result that you could get
> > > with the machine, that he sent a few samples of our journal to the
> > > direction
> > > in Japan. This little story shows that if you do interesting
> > > things, you will
> > > get attention.
> > > There is already an impressive pool of artists using our software,
> > > lets pull
> > > them together to create material that display the power of our
> > > tools.
> > >
> >
> > A great big +1 on the magazine. Just before LGM, Ricardo, Ana, Femke,
> > a.l.e. and I pulled together Libre Graphics Magazine #0. Since then,
> > I've been thinking seriously (as I plan workshops and talks for
> > artists and design students) about the value of doing such a magazine
> > more frequently. I think it would be a great vehicle around which to
> > build some user community, as well as a nice, professional public
> > show of what F/LOSS graphics software can do.
> >
> > So I'm game to pick up where we left off on the magazine, and willing
> > to add some editorial weight to the effort. If anyone else is
> > interested in working on it too, all the better.
> i'd like to produce a second number while being at http://froscomp.org .
> (mid september)
> the idea is to have the content mostly produced in advanced and having
> a small crew doing the magazine live at our booth.
> i'm not sure i will have founds to print it, so it may just be a PDF to
> put on the web.
> what do you think about it?
> could you image to have an active role even if not personally present?
> (no, i certainly won't have the budget to fly you to zurich! :-)
> ciao
> a.l.e
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