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Yuval Levy create07 at sfina.com
Thu Aug 19 06:09:59 PDT 2010

On August 19, 2010 03:51:18 am Camille Bissuel wrote:
> I'll be glad to provide visuals for the Create community, and from a
> designer point of view, it's always a good idea to have some charter to
> base on.

exactly.  It's like a coding style guide for developers.  I don't remember any 
such charter presented here in the past five years.  It would be a major step 
forward, like a coding style guide is a major step forward for a software 
project:  it solves a significant chunk of potential bike-sheds.

> But I don't what to bridle anyone creativity (on the magazine for example)
> just because I'm the first one to provide something... furthermore LG
> Magazine #0 was here first, and I didn't base my designs on it.

Your intentions are noble.  Fact is that if we are to evolve to the next 
level, we must stop fiddling at this level. There is a trade-off to be played.  
Creativity has to be directed to areas that have not been exploited yet.

> So, it really have to be a consensus, especially from the concerned
> designers.

Actually more a consensus of the "customers", i.e. the projects represented in 
LG or the LG Board.  Without the weight of some governance, the consensus will 
not last beyond a single edition, while ideally it should last for a few.

Without governance every new designer that joins the fray could see this as a 
free game and reinvent the wheel from scratch.

The weight of governance makes the difference between a mature project (that 
IMHO LG should strive to be) and a greenfield startup (the impression I have 
when looking at it from an external perspective).

On August 19, 2010 07:06:28 am ginger coons wrote:
> I would suggest that the magazine, being a slightly different beast from
> the site, the logo, the conference, might in fact have a different
> aesthetic. Because we're not talking here about a mouthpiece for the Libre
> Graphics movement, a brochure, we're talking about a magazine with the
> space to grow and change and in fact, build up a community that doesn't
> really exist yet: a strong Libre Graphics user community. I think that
> could be quite a different thing from the official face.

Mostly agree.  Growth and change are not necessarily synonymous and you want 
to mix them wisely.  Sometimes growth is change, but sometimes it is the 
maturity of consistency.  You print professionals know it better than the rest 
of us:  make a good template, use it for a few editions (e.g. a cycle of say 
four regular editions and one or two special editions) and revisit when the 
content starts breaking the barrier of the media, not the other way around.

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