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Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Wed Feb 10 03:50:03 PST 2010

Nathan Willis wrote:
> Wasn't there an open web-based raster editor at least *discussed* (if
> not launched) five-or-more years ago?  I recall looking at it at the
> time, but it wasn't prime-time-ready when I saw it.  I don't remember if
> it was Gimp-derived or not, though.  Or maybe I'm imagining the whole thing.
> Also, another interesting point for discussion would be the prospect of
> building an OFL-based service like Typekit.com ....

Yes, there are definite plans to meet/discuss/move forward the Open Font
Library at the next LGM along with plenty of other font-related
things... we're working on it... stay tuned.

BTW, existing online font services already provide various quality open
fonts in their catalogues, for example Kernest:

As long as they do not remove or hide away the readmes, FONTLOG and
metadata indicating clearly the original designer's copyright and
licensing intents, it's good to see them take advantage of the open
fonts available and they are welcome to do it. Too many sites blur the
distinction between the "free fonts", i.e. freeware
somehow-distribute-but-don't-modify-or-redistributed and the libre/open
fonts under clear community-approved licensing allowing distribution,
modification and redistribution. Thankfully there seems to be a reverse
trend we should encourage of actually showing the metadata and related
information about the font's design with links back to the author's own

Some food for thought on that subject on:


Nicolas Spalinger, NRSI volunteer
Debian/Ubuntu font teams / OpenFontLibrary

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