[CREATE] Decision for LGM 2011 venue — Action required

Yuval Levy create07 at sfina.com
Sat Jul 3 12:17:43 PDT 2010

> buondì,

buonasera Ale :)

> i think that yuval has indirectly raised a good question (i'm referring
> to his point "A. reinvention of the wheel"):
> why do we need a LGM in 2011?

to stay on the topic "wheel":  once the wheel is invented, spin it, spin
it, spin it!  Else, why was it invented in the first place?

> - what YOU expect from the LGM 2011?

answer is subordinated to the next question.

> - what is the LGM for YOU?

LGM for me is a very important spoke of the wheel.  The wheel turns - it's
the development cycle, and every now and then one cycle completes and it
is time to kick off the next one.

LGM is a great place to coordinate such cycles, have face to face meeting
within the project, celebrate the end of one cycle and the beginning of

LGM is also a great place to meet and see what is going on at other teams
/ projects; and in the world of the users.  It is a place for the
cross-pollination of ideas and for inspiration.

Inspiration horizontally (from project to project), vertically (between
project and users, both ways), internally (intra-project planning
sessions, BoF, etc.)

Now I can answer what I expect from LGM 2011.

Honestly: I don't know - but at this stage of the process I did not have
an idea what to expect from LGM 2009 and what got out of it was pretty
cool from my perspective.

My *wish* for 2011 is to be able to make time again and to participate.

My *expectation*, for LGM 2011 an beyond, is that it continues the
tradition of what I have seen in the past, with
horizontal/vertical/internal inspiration that only face to face meeting
can bring about.

Long live LGM, no matter where the next venue is.


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