[CREATE] wiki spammer accounts

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Jul 22 04:55:08 PDT 2010

hi kai
> The logins:
> "Bobmarks", "Rolf", "RogerTurk", "Wikis111" and "Chris251984" seems be 
> one edit wiki spammers. So it appears they managed to get in.

i blocked all the accounts which edited the 2009 pages with spammy 
links, but i could not revert to the last good release... does anybody 
know how to do it?

also, i think we should disable the "automatic" creation of accounts for 
the wiki.

and find a way to remove all blocked accounts + revert all the changes 
they have done?

does anybody have enough mediawiki knowledge to do it?


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