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Fri Oct 22 05:05:06 PDT 2010

Hi all,

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Libre Graphics Magazine issue 1.1 is getting ready to go to press. We've got
lots of exciting articles, design and art work and other very nice Libre
Graphics content ready to go. So now, we're running a Pledgie drive to get
our finances up to the necessary level, as far as printing is concerned. Our
longer term plans for printing costs include grants, sponsorships and paid
subscriptions. But in the mean time, since we're something of an unknown
quantity to funders, sponsors and the magazine reading public, we're
reaching out to anyone who wants to donate. Donations now will help Libre
Graphics Magazine happen not just once, but again and again.

For those needing to get up to speed on Libre Graphics Magazine, more
information can be found here: http://libregraphicsmag.com/
And if you want to donate, our Pledgie campaign is located here:

Ana Carvalho
ginger coons
Ricardo Lafuente

Libre Graphics Magazine editorial team
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