[CREATE] ORA fullscreen viewers

Alastair M. Robinson blackfive at fakenhamweb.co.uk
Fri Sep 10 10:56:29 PDT 2010


On 10/09/10 18:42, Martin Renold wrote:

> We need to draw the line somewhere. An image viewer should be correct,
> robust, and fast, not bloatware.

A big part of "robustness" is being able to trust the result.  To my 
mind, it's better for an image viewer not to be able to display a file 
at all than for it to be displayed incorrectly.  If you can't hand an 
ORA file to someone confident in the knowledge that they'll see what you 
expect them to see, then the format won't feel "trustworthy".

Best-effort rendering is fine *if* and *only* if accompanied by a dialog 
saying something along the lines of "This file uses features X,Y and Z, 
which are unsupported by this viewer".

All the best
Alastair M. Robinson

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