[CREATE] Call for slides for 'State of Libre Graphics' at LGM in Leipzig.

pippin at gimp.org pippin at gimp.org
Tue Mar 4 17:24:15 PST 2014

The first presentation event in this years LGM program is 'state of Libre
Graphics' A common update for many of the projects across our Libre
Graphics community. This frees up room in the schedule for deeper topics
or fresh projects; while still giving us a chance to know what has been
going on in various ongoing libre graphics related efforts; not only
software projects, but also our various curation, publication and umbrella

For each project we want a title slide and one, none or two content
slides.  The title slides should/could contain name of project, logo -
and perhaps a brief tag-line for/description of the project. The content
slides; would be about changes in the last year; as well as perhaps plans
for the near future.

Many projects presenting as part of LGM should also submit slides; as a
teaser or warm-up for the subsequent event.

Naming of files:

projectname-0.png (or .jpg)
projectname.txt optional speaker notes, to make my powerpoint karaoke
ad-lib'ing more relevant.

The graphics files should be 1024x768 - if they are not; they will be
resized to fit. Feel free to bundle the files all in a tarball or
zipfile, and send them as an attachment to pippin at gimp.org in an email
with 'State of Libre Graphics' as subject.

For projects focused on video/animation; an up to 100second
video/animation would be welcome instead of slides 1 and 2. If this option
is taken, please upload the video somewhere and provide me a URL for
fetching it.

Please submit content before the end of Sunday 23rd March; giving me a
week before LGM to prepare the coordinated presentation.


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