Newbie Questions

Zack Rusin
Tue, 23 Dec 2003 22:14:31 -0500

On Tuesday 23 December 2003 19:46, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > How is the Qt API coming along?
> I'll leave that question for Zack or Matthias.

Slowly, but surely... The integration in the Qt event loop is complete. 
Basic Qt api is there too. What's missing is:
1) A few sample apps to test what's there.
2) Code generation along the lines of dcopidlng.
3) DCOP like api to ease the transition.
I simply didn't have any time to take care of any of the above. I hope 
to write few tests on Thursday. Then maybe force Ian once he's back 
from holiday to do the #3 and do #2 after that. 
We of course are aiming at source compatibility in #3, at least in the 
kdebase and kdepim applications. We'll see how feasible that's going to 
turn out to be...


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