glib object/method-based API

Michael Meeks
03 Jun 2003 04:38:56 +0100

Hi Havoc,

On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 19:11, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> A random thought to consider I just had; as orbit-idl can already
> generate stubs/skels that are either in-process or go via IIOP, we
> could probably also extend it to generate stubs/skels that map to
> message bus messages. Essentially a CORBA API binding for the message
> bus.

	Yes; the possibility protocol independence is one of those things that
was important to me when I drastically re-factored the ORBit2 internals.
It'd be really good [IMHO] to re-use the ORBit2 code-base for this. My
hope was that we could (with an https://) transport also map to SOUP at
some stage.

> There are lots of complications here, but it might be interesting.

	Yes - as you say, there are issues - particularly with the API we
present to users. It would be much easier to hack up something
new/different - but I think that many of the issues that D/BUS aims to
fix (pwrt. re-enterancy, invocation processing etc.) could most
fruitfully be shared by ORBit2 too.

	I'd be most happy to extend ORBit2 both at the API and internal level
to make this reasonably feasible / elegant - presumably in the Gnome 2.6
time-frame ?



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