D-BUS doesn't build with --enable-ansi

Owen Taylor otaylor@redhat.com
28 Jun 2003 09:01:25 -0400

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 23:11, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> The configure.in fixes look good, is there an alternate way anyone can
> think of to fix the BEGIN/END_DECLS? Removing the ';' means 
> that Emacs gets all confused about indentation.

In this case, the confusion is really tiny if it exists all
.... the G_BEGIN/END_DECLS macros are ;-free and I've never
seen emacs get confused about that.

I don't think there is any way you can have free-floating ;
in a header file and not have that be a syntax error. 
(It's not just --enable-ansi pickiness; this is something
that GCC is pretty much unique in allowing.)