Using D-BUS messages for event handling
Tue, 27 May 2003 11:37:45 +0300


A simple question: is there a support for so called subscribe / publish mechanism in D-BUS (called also Notify request / Notify -concept) ?

The mechanism makes possible for a client to subscribe to the server, for listening to some specific event. Also, many clients can subscribe to one server, even to listen to the same event to be published. Once the event happens, the server publishes the event to all it's current subscribers.

So, the protocol should have commands like SUBSCRIBE for the client, and possibly PUBLISH for the server. We are thinking if we could use D-BUS instead of HTTP based GENA in our system (GENA = General Event Notification Architecture used by UPnP [=Universal Plug and Play, led by Microsoft]).


	-Jarmo Nikula, Oulu, Finland