Qt bindings

Zack Rusin zack@kde.org
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 01:08:40 -0500


I started working on getting Qt bindings up to speed. I'm starting the 
thanksgiving break on Wednesday and I hope to get it done over that 
break. Wednesday me and Ian will have a small hackfest so hopefully  
we'll get code generation working. 
Currently a sample usage looks as follows:

using DBusQt;
Connection *connection = new Connection( "unix:/var/whatever" );
Message msg( service, path, interface, method );
msg << "Hello World";
msg << 13.54;
connection->sendMessage( msg );

So yeah. The api is going to probably totally change as I work on it 
this week, making it a little bit more DCOP like. Either way, feel free 
to be changing anything you want, especially that currently I'm lot 
more concerned with getting the whole thing nicely integrated into Qt 
then having super fancy, DCOP resembling api.


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