AFL 2.0 license change

Havoc Pennington
20 Sep 2003 15:43:21 -0400


The Academic Free License (X-style license currently used by D-BUS) has
a new version 2.0. You can find it here:

Some of the changes include:

 - the "termination for patent action" clause is more clear; 
   it now specifically applies only to suing the licensor, or 
   suing with respect to D-BUS itself.

 - the license is synced up with the OSL; the AFL and OSL are 
   now identical except OSL has LGPL-like derived work 


If you have contributed code previously under the AFL 1.2, please follow
up (to the list, so there's a record) and let me know if your code may
be relicensed under the AFL 2.0.