Python bindings ready for first commit

Seth Nickell
21 Sep 2003 21:30:11 -0700

Oh, I should mention the current state of the bindings. 

1) They target the dbus-object-names branch.

2) The dbus_bindings module is 80% complete and provides a low-level
wrapper over the C API. I've rewritten "drop in" replacements for
dbus-send and dbus-monitor using this module which work fine. I'm
working on unit tests currently.

3) Built atop that is the (nicely documented ;-) dbus module which
provides a Python-like API for accessing Services, Objects and Methods
across the bus. I have started basic work on allowing creation of
services too, but this is a little more buggy right now. I'm saving
Signals for later, esp. since it sounds like these might change in the
near future. Its operation is similar to xmlrpclib and dcoppython.


On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 21:21, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Attached is a patch, sans new files, to dbus adding the python bindings.
> Python bindings default to "auto", same as glib and qt. If you specify
> "no" all Python related checks are skipped. Can I commit this (along
> with the bindings themselves)?
> -Seth