SASL Authentication

Havoc Pennington
29 Sep 2003 10:11:34 -0400

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 09:43, Willem Dantuma wrote:
> I would like try to add SASL authentication to the D-BUS library is
> someone already working on this, and is this still a wanted feature ?

There is an auth protocol.

There are several things you could do:

 - add Cyrus SASL as an optional set of mechanisms available 
   via that protocol, right now it only has hardcoded built-in 
 - implement a Kerberos mechanism directly with GSSAPI
 - add SSL support (maybe not SASL strictly speaking)
 - clean up the auth protocol spec and implementation

To clean up the spec/impl what I would like to see is a redefinition of
the protocol as a set of states and state transitions. The X session
management protocol has a definition like this which may be a useful
example to see what I mean. Once that is documented I would reimplement
the auth code in terms of a state machine. The reason for this is to be
confident in all the possible code paths.