SASL Authentication

Havoc Pennington
29 Sep 2003 11:21:30 -0400


A practical note - be sure you're using CVS from which is the new dbus home,
rather than Also the dbus-object-names branch
contains most of the recent changes and will land on HEAD soon.

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 10:46, Willem Dantuma wrote:
>  - I need access to some properties ( remote / local address )of
>    DBusTransport, what would be the preferred way of doing this 
>    without creating circular dependencies. 

Probably _dbus_auth_set_whatever() similar to set_credentials()

>  - I think, "all_mechanisms" should be kept per DBusAuth because
>    available SASL mechanisms change depending on the used transport.

Probably, or have all_mechanisms be the list of builtin mechanisms and
merge it in to a dynamic per-DBusAuth list.

>    But i don't like this very much because of the memory overhead 
>    connections * available mechanisms * sizeof(DBusAuthMechanismHandler)

A simple solution is to free this list once authentication is complete.