building dbus with qt support

Zack Rusin zack at
Wed Dec 29 14:15:09 PST 2004

On Wednesday 29 December 2004 17:09, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-12-29 at 15:58 -0500, Chris Lewis wrote:
> > Ok checked and it confirmed what Daniel said about kde
> > (thanks Daniel). It also may have revlealed why python bindings
> > won't build - it looks like it requires an app called 'pyrex' which
> > is not on my system. Would this be why python fails?
> Very likely, I think it does require pyrex.
> For Qt 4 we need to be sure Qt includes a .pc file ;-) I've seen lots
> of ways to find Qt in configure scripts, but I don't think any of
> them were any good...

Pff, you're just being picky. Some of them are very original (not 
correct, just original). 
Qt4 includes pc files for all of its libraries. Actually Qt 3 already 
does have a pc file. It's just that most of the Qt configure checks, 
not ripped out from the KDE build system, are going for originality and 
mass confusion and essentially none of them uses pkg-config.


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