diagrams, naming

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Wed Dec 29 20:13:32 PST 2004


I think a lot of people have been confused about object paths, services,
interfaces, and how dbus works in general. Here is a diagram attempt
thanks to Inkscape.


Based on that diagram, we might rename "service" to "destination":


We already use a function called message_set_destination to set where a
message is going, after all.

Right now we have this "base service" thing which is the unique name for
each connection. We could call that "Connection ID" perhaps.

Other options for "service" are "address", or simply "name"

I know we've had this thread before, but I am not yet happy that we have
the right answer. The reason I'm obsessing is that people are
consistently confused about these things when I talk to them.

One line of thinking is to try and convey which things are properties of
the bus and which things are properties of the app and which are
properties of object instances; I don't know exactly what would help
there. Some possibilities:
 - s/Service/BusName/  or s/Service/BusDestination/ (nobody say BusStop)
 - s/Object/Instance/ in certain cases (instance path?)


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