Activation: b-a-s problems.

Mikael Hallendal
Mon, 05 Jan 2004 13:13:45 +0100

mån 2004-01-05 klockan 09.59 skrev Michael Meeks:


> 	IMHO the most difficult issue with activation is getting the scope
> right; it transpires the world is more ugly than most would imagine; eg.
> multi-language desktops - you have to fork a new service for (the
> hundreds) of different combinations of LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, LC_CTYPE,
> LC_IJUSTMADETHISUP, LANG etc. since there is no good way to propagate
> multi-language contexts / get gettext to play ball (AFAIK), worse you
> have to wrestle with the daft-return value of setlocale, and/or somehow
> parse the stuff yourself, and then work out what is unique.

Do you have any examples on when this will be used? Do users run with
different locales within the same session or is it just for fixing the
problem when changing the locale within the session?

> 	Then of course, you have the multi-display problems - virtually nothing
> will work across multiple displays - (pwrt. session management) - and so
> you have to uniquify / for multiple instances one-per-display; sounds
> easy - however, canonicalising 'DISPLAY' is not. eg. in the simple case:
> ':0' == ':0.0' and happens a lot, much worse is 'foo.baa:0.0' ==
> 'foo:0.0' or even 'totally.different:0' I believe there was some
> suggestion (from Mark) that having a system list of registered displays
> might help ease this problem, of course the multiple-host-name-aliases /
> multiple-network-interfaces issue is somewhat acutely nasty - but again,
> perhaps a system bus would help here.

Since the bus is per session (which is per display, right?) I don't see
this as a problem. Or am I missing something?

If you ask the bus for a service it checks if it is running (which would
be on the correct display since it has no idea about services running on
other displays). If it is not, it's started. 

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