Activation: b-a-s problems.

Havoc Pennington
Mon, 05 Jan 2004 12:06:48 -0500


One concrete case you might try to get working is the gnome-terminal
factory stuff. It deals with multihead, startup notification, and

A rule we should probably have: it should not matter which app started a
service or in what context, it's inherently broken if it matters whether
app A starts the service then app B uses it, or app B starts it then app
A uses it.

So the model that feels right to me when taking multihead or something
into account should be more like: start the service for the whole
session with the same default screen as the session manager, then ask
for a resource (e.g. a new window) on screen 0 or 1 or whatever it is.

Similarly for language issues, start the service always with the session
language, but if necessary let someone request a resource in another
language. e.g. gconfd can serve values for multiple languages.

Does this imply that service activation should never have _parameters_
that affect the nature of the service that was started?
I think it probably does. Activation parameters should only affect which
services to start, not what the services are like.