DBusMessageIter API question

Olivier Andrieu oliv__a@users.sourceforge.net
Wed, 7 Jan 2004 20:28:49 +0100

[ Resending the message I stupidly sent to message-bus-list-admin@ ]


I'm playing a bit with DBUS (writing Objective Caml bindings) ... and
I have some questions concerning the DBusMessageIter .

A message can have zero arguments : this can be detected because
dbus_message_iter_get_arg_type return DBUS_TYPE_INVALID right after
dbus_message_iter_init. Correct ? But what about arrays and dicts ?
How can I detect an empty array ?

Wouldn't it be better if the dbus_message_iter_init* functions
returned a boolean instead of void, like the GtkTreeIter functions ?