Activation: b-a-s problems.

Mikael Hallendal
Thu, 08 Jan 2004 11:55:34 +0100

ons 2004-01-07 klockan 22.17 skrev Malcolm Tredinnick:
> On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 04:24, Richard Hult wrote:
> > ons 2004-01-07 klockan 16.51 skrev Mark McLoughlin:

> > > 	there should be two gnome-terminal processes - one which lets you
> > > configure the terminal "colors" and the other which (correctly) lets you
> > > configure the terminal "colours".
> > 
> > Are there any useful real world use cases for this? I can imagine that
> > some applications don't work correctly in some locales, and therefore
> > you'd want to run them in e.g. English. If so, then I guess that's good
> > enough reason for having per-language services.

> (1) Some X Input Method programs (e.g. for Chinese input) need the
> locale set to zh_CN or zh_TW. However, it can be argued that such
> applications are broken and should just be fixed.
> (2) When doing some joint work with some Chinese clients, it was much
> easier for them if my editor display things in Chinese (including menu
> items). I knew the editor well enough to manage this, but I would have
> been doomed if my whole session was in Chinese. Now, people are
> instantly thinking that this is a silly situation and I probably would
> agree that it is very low priority (I used it a lot, but we could have
> made do if it wasn't there).
> (3) I regularly needed to take screenshots of windows in both
> traditional and simplified Chinese versions. Being able to do something
> like "LANG=zh_TW mozilla file:///..." was much easier than having to log
> in using a different locale.

This is not really what was discussed here. It was whether to launch a
new Mozilla window with other LANG-settings if there was a mozilla
window running already.

Ie. you start Mozilla as you use to which sets it to some locale, lets
say en_US for now. Then if you need to take a screenshot you do
"LANG=zh_TW mozilla file:///..." which should give you a new window.
Currently it gives you a new window by sending a message to the already
running Mozilla process. The question is whether that process should be
considered to be the same service as you want since it runs in another

So you wouldn't have to log out, just quit mozilla and restart it with
another language settings (same for your editor example above).

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