Activation: querying for services

Richard Hult
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 20:26:18 +0100


After thinking a bit about how querying for services would fit in the
activation framework, the best way seems to be to keep it separate from
the bus.

The activation code in the bus would then only handle mapping service
names to executables, and a separate framework would take care of
mapping various properties like "handles text/html, implements
FooInterface" etc to service names.

This would keep the bus simple and clean, and the querying code would
not add complexity, lines of code and potential bugs to the dbus core.
Things that do not need an advanced querying system, like perhaps the
system bus, which must be rock solid, would not be affected by it.

The querying could be a dbus service, shipped with the bus or not. It
would preferably be generic and shared between the various desktops. All
user visible strings should be handled by the querying layer and dbus
would not have to handle i18n.

Does this sound sensible?


Richard Hult