User authentication to services

Havoc Pennington hp at
Wed Jun 2 11:33:28 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 01:59, Rob Taylor wrote:
> Ok. started implenting this and am pretty far in, but i have a problem
> with uids in that dbus represents them internally as unsigned longs, and
> if i expose these on dbus we'll have problems on mixed 32/64
> archictectures. I'm pretty certain that uid_t should be a 32 bit entitiy
> on both IAP32 and LP64, and if anyone knows this for certain i'll patch
> it up. If not, i've just subscribed to so i'll just test
> it myself. if uid_t is really 64 bits on LP64, i'll just cast up, but i
> think this set of affairs would be pretty strange..

I'd say just pick uint32 for the property on the wire.


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