Gtk appl with Dbus

Venkatakrishnan Kannan
Fri, 5 Mar 2004 00:55:44 -0800 (PST)

  I must declare first that I am new to Dbus. I am
making a Gtk appl which uses Dbus to communicate with
other appls. How do I synchronize the events from the
Gtk framework with the DBus messages. eg. Consider
callback_X() invoked by a button click in the UI and
the same method can be invoked by a DBusMessage (which
requests for this service). Consider the use case
where the user has clicked the button and callback_X()
is doing the job and while this is going on, a
DBusMessage is received for the same action. I would
like to block the DBusMessage based action until the
UI triggered job is done.

Is there any generic way to do this or should the appl
maintain a queue to do this synchronization. One way
could be to even forward such a Dbus request to the
Gtk framework so that it gets queued there and thus
get synchronized.

Thanks and regards,

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