Should the bus be able to deliver OOM on replies?

Richard Hult
Fri Mar 12 00:00:21 PST 2004


In order to beef up the bus tests, I added to the message dispatch test
to make it send an Echo method and check for a reply.

After sending the Echo message, the client occasionally gets no reply
back from the bus, due to OOM failures. I'm wondering whether the bus
should be able to reply with an OOM error or if a reply could
(correctly) be lost in those cases, leaving it to the client side in all
cases to generate a synthetic timeout, instead of getting an OOM error
from the bus.

Either way, I think we probably need a variant of the test utility
function block_connection_until_message_from_bus() that times out,
otherwise the tests will just hang when that happens.

Any comments?

Richard Hult          

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