GObject bindings continued...

Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Wed Mar 17 06:51:17 PST 2004

So if we decide that IDL would be just another binding I'm going to
concentrate on the GObject binding here.

Essenctially what we want is full introspection of GObjects,
signals,properties, methods and interfaces?. Currently GObject does
introspection on signals, properties and implemented interfaces, right?

So to provide introspection of methods the plan is to have a tool to
parse the header files and produce the introspection XML data from that.
Since the header files for C/C++ lack all the information needed to
produce this data what is the plan (and how is it done in QT?). Is it
done by marking up the header files with special comments that are used
to no whether a method argument is an in/out argument and such?

Adding full introspection to the GObject layer sounds like something we
want anyway since it would help when binding it to other languages since
from what I can see all bindings effort duplicate these efforts of
tagging up method calls arguments for in/out etc.       

Does anyone know how interested GObject maintainers would be to add this
to GObject itself so we don't have to maintain this in D-BUS?

Also, what is the plan of more complex data types such as structs as
arguments, should the be passed as data over D-BUS to remote calls or
passed as a reference to a remote "object"?

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