Broadcast message problem

saroj panda sarojpanda at
Mon Mar 15 07:34:21 PST 2004

   The DBus specification says messages can be broadcast by sending them to the special service org.freedesktop.DBus.Broadcast. But, when I check for the existence of this service by calling dbus_bus_service_exists(), it says this service does not exist. I also tried with the service name org.freedesktop.Broadcast but I got the same return from the API. I even tried to activate this service by calling dbus_bus_activate_service() api. This api returns False but, the result argument holds DBUS_ACTIVATION_REPLY_ACTIVATED. Do not know the service got activated or not because when I send messages to this service, the applications connected to the system bus at that time do not get the broadcast message.
Saroj Panda

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