Mono bindings

Owen Fraser-Green owen at
Sat Mar 20 09:07:47 PST 2004


I tried to use the dbus-sharp bindings announced here a couple of weeks
ago only to find that, unfortunately, they didn't really bind very much
- only the glib functions but not the actual DBUS API.

Seeing as I really rather wanted to use DBUS from C# I started tinkering
with the mono code in the dbus source that Havoc started some time ago.
I now have bindings working for send_with_reply_and_block messages using
reflection to get the message signatures from .NET classes and
Reflection.Emit to build proxy assemblies on the fly on the client side.

The code is still very alpha but vaguely useful. Would you like me to
put it somewhere? If so, where? In the dbus tree replacing the mono code
already there? Or should I hop over to the mono list and ask there?


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