Jan Ekholm chakie at infa.abo.fi
Wed Mar 24 23:01:11 PST 2004


I'm new to the world of D-Bus, and have been trying to get into
understanding it from a developer's point of view. I'm lacking some more
or less simple D-Bus aware applications or something like "Hello D-Bus".
Is there anything like that available? The normal tutorial ends where it
starts to get interesting. I've found one or two examples on the 'net, but
they seem to be for a too old version of D-Bus, so they would require a
lot of changes to even compile with 0.2[01].

I also had a look at which packages in Debian depend on the D-Bus,
packages, but the only relevant one was a Bluez package. No developer
should have to face the horrors of Bluetooth while learning something
else. :)

Maybe the source package has something useful for me? I've so far been
lazy and just used the prebuilt packages in Debian unstable.

    Jan Ekholm


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