test suite failure

Olivier Andrieu oliv__a at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Mar 25 09:55:10 PST 2004

 Havoc Pennington [Sunday 21 March 2004] :
 > Hi,
 > Nobody can commit anything else until this is fixed ;-)
 > Failed to complete Activate call: D-BUS error
 > org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceNotFound: The service
 > org.freedesktop.DBus.TestSuiteEchoService was not found in the
 > activation entry list
 > killing message bus
 > ./run-test.sh: test-dbus-glib failed
 > FAIL: run-test.sh
 > ===================
 > 1 of 1 tests failed
 > ===================

Hmm I wonder if this test ever passed :)

Apparently, the test-dbus-glib is waiting for a "Foo" signal to be
emitted by test-service. But the gproxy delivers signals only when the
incoming message match the same (service, path, interface) triplet
than what was set when the proxy is created. 

Here the proxy is created for the
"org.freedesktop.DBus.TestSuiteEchoService" service but when the
signal message arrives, it has the base service in its sender header.
So, no match, no signal.

It should work with dbus_gproxy_new_for_service_owner but it's not
implemented yet !


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