licensing choice [was RE: D/BUS IDL compiler ... #2 ...]

Havoc Pennington hp at
Fri Mar 26 08:58:10 PST 2004


And to clarify, we are currently waiting on a new version of the AFL to
relicense under that. The hope is that a new AFL version could preserve
some patent protection and clarity not found in the LGPL while resolving
the concerns of large patent-holding companies thus getting the best of
all worlds.

If contributors want to go ahead and follow up to this mail stating that
they are OK with relicense to all future versions of AFL _and_ LGPL,
that should cover us whatever happens.

We are not at this time relicensing the Red Hat authored code under
LGPL, because we would prefer to try and keep some patent protections.
However if everyone else approves LGPL we will have the ability to bail
out and go LGPL at the last minute if circumstances require.

Red Hat can't ship D-BUS with the current licensing either, so rest
assured the problem will be addressed one way or another.


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