FreeBSD and dbus

Benedikt Meurer benny at
Tue May 11 03:22:30 PDT 2004

Dale Anderson schrieb:
> Hi All 

Hello Dale,

> I have been looking around after seeing a few bits and pieces re dbus
> patch for freeBSD , however the patch appears to be somewhat
> ellusive...I noticed a mention in the archieves and was wondering what
> the current status was / wether the patch is available .

I posted FreeBSD/NetBSD patches some time ago, but even using these 
patches D-BUS does not work properly on these plattforms. From what I 
figured out so far, the pipe stuff is broken on BSD systems, but dunno why.

Maybe you want to track the problem down.

The patches were made against CVS around 0.21.

> Dale.


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