DBus in glib 1.2 apps?

Michael Grigoriev mag at luminal.org
Tue Oct 12 14:04:45 PDT 2004


I am trying to make use of DBus for some IPC in the application I am
working on. The problem is that one of the clients connecting to it has to
be a plugin for XMMS, which uses glib 1.2. So I am wondering if anyone has
worked out how to integrate dbus connection into glib 1.2 main loop. My
attempt to port dbus_connection_setup_with_g_main to glib 1.2 have not
been successful so far....

I also tried using an external glib 2 event loop inside the plugin - just
create my own glib 2.0 context, and have a timer that runs something like 

    while (g_main_context_pending(context))
        g_main_context_iteration(context, false);

but that seems to always segfault inside g_thread_self. I guess it gets
confused without the main loop. 

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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