dbus first impressions

Alexander Larsson alexl at redhat.com
Wed Sep 8 07:35:15 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-07 at 17:56 -0700, Don Park wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Sep 2004, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> > On some old Unices, to send user/group credentials you have to send a
> > byte. The nul byte is this byte. I don't remember why it's nul rather
> > than 'a' or something, maybe there's no reason.
> a dbus client app isn't talking to old unix daemons - you're defining both
> ends of the conversation, so why not leave the null byte out if the rest
> of the protocol is nice and keyboard-friendly?

Its not about "old daemons". Some unixes cannot send peer credentials
without sending data. This will happen even with dbus on both sides.

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