Cross-Compiling D-BUS

Jared Hanson jaredhanson at
Fri Sep 24 19:44:11 UTC 2004

I'm running into a problem when trying to configure D-BUS for cross-compiling.

Here is my configure command:

./configure --prefix=/home/jaredh/devel/usr --host=ppc

In addition, I've set up my toolchain to use GCC from the Denx
Embedded Linux Development Kit, so evironment variables such as CC are
set to "ppc_82xx-gcc", along with the assembler, linker, etc.

However, when I run configure, it fails with the following error:

checking for posix getpwnam_r... configure: error: cannot run test
program whil e cross compiling

Obviously I'm aware that my build machine cannot run binaries for a
different architecture.  Is there anyway I can prevent these checks
from running?  Also, has there been much effort put into D-BUS on
other architectures such as PPC?


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