Suggestion: dbus_connection_set_suspended to temporarily suspend DBUS-Input

Friedemann Kleint (Fa. metis) kleint at
Tue Sep 28 06:10:40 UTC 2004

>From seth at Mon Sep 27 20:01:03 2004
>Won't this cause, e.g., other dbus services calling you to time out 
>waiting for a reply?

Yes, if you use such services you have to be aware of it
and set the timeouts accordingly.

The motivation behind it is to use DBUS for ipc
within a GUI-program suite (to exchange messages
like "exit", "change debug level" and trigger
program functions), namely to replace
Tooltalk  (Messages are sent asynchronously and one is
guaranteed to receive an answer). 

This probably slightly differs from the intended
use of DBUS but I think it is a good idea
to extend the API to meet such requirements.  

-Friedemann Kleint

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