DBUS introspection (Was: DCOP interface in kicker broke compatibility?)

David A. Wheeler dwheeler at dwheeler.com
Wed Feb 2 20:20:06 PST 2005

The current D-BUS spec (0.10) says:
  "A more formal DTD and spec needs writing, but here are some quick notes..."

So, I've attached a first cut at a more formal DTD
for the introspection.
It's incomplete, and it's probably wrong.
But hopefully this will be a useful first step.
Feel free to include it in the CVS tree!

I included a "deprecated" attribute, and I also
added "raises" stuff to document error returns.
I didn't try to add separate documentation stuff...
would XML comments be enough?

Not attempted (yet): type definitions.
I figured I'd see if this first step made sense.

--- David A. Wheeler
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