newbie: tcp transport problem

Junji Kanemaru linux at
Tue Feb 8 09:20:40 PST 2005


I'm working on some client/server kind of apps and want to use
D-BUS for RPC. I checked mail list log and it is possible to use
tcp transport by passing "tcp:host=hostname,port=portnumber".
I did test client and server on same host, it worked fine.
However when I tested them on remote host client immediately
failed after calling dbus_message_new_method_call().
It seemed connection to server was established but method call
never sent or refused by server for some reason.
Maybe I need some magic before issuing method call like
authentication or something like that?
Oh and I also getting "Using your real home directory for testing,
set DBUS_TEST_HOMEDIR to avoid" message here.
I'm not quite sure what this message is meaning...
Please help.


-- Junji Kanemaru
Linuon Inc.
Tokyo Japan

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