newbie: tcp transport problem

Junji Kanemaru linux at
Tue Feb 8 20:30:51 PST 2005

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> As I've said twice now: you need an authentication mechanism. Maybe the
> unclear part is that you have to _implement_ this authentication
> mechanism. The only two mechanisms currently implemented are:
>  - socket credentials (works only for local sockets)
>  - magic cookie (works only if you share a home directory)

Oh, I see. Now I understand. I was confused. The "authentication"
above is D-BUS session authentication, not a host user auth nor
host address auth.

> I don't know what authentication mechanism you want, because it depends
> on your application and how your network is set up. The two that exist
> are the ones appropriate for the system and session bus.

What I want is 1)establish D-BUS session and open some port
to accept remote access, 2)do some auth, eg client sends
session key which is encrypted with server's public key,
server retrieves session key from its private key stored in
DB on server side with client's IP address, 3)all session calls are
encrypted with the session key and 4)session must be persistent
and no auth required until either end disconnects and reconnects.
It is a bit overhead but whether we go for D-BUS or XMLRPC
it is needed.

I've just started looking into D-BUS and want to test it to see
the performance. Is there any sample app uses basic AUTH
negotiation described in spec?
It is dumb but I even don't know how to send these SASL
commands over D-BUS transport...


-- Junji

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