exporting dbus-marshal-recursive.h

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Thu Feb 17 18:12:06 PST 2005

So I was looking a bit tonight at trying to extend the introspection
format to support container types, thinking about how container types
would be supported in the GLib bindings, and also pondering the g_strdup
issue for returned strings.

It seems to me that all of these issues are blocked on a common problem:
with the new type signature stuff, we really need
dbus-marshal-recursive.h exported in order to properly parse signatures
that could have containers.  I guess I could fix the g_strdup issue
without, but it seems cleaner to nail that properly when we handle
containers too.

Havoc has suggested putting a "human readable" form of the signature
into the introspection format; I think that's fine, but after we convert
it from human-readable into a normal signature, we simply don't have
functionality exported to parse it inside the glib bindings to generate
the requisite C code.  Similarly for invoking methods from received
messages and sending return values back.

Thoughts?  Am I on crack here?

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