Kobject_Uevent and DBUS

Ikke eikke@eikke.com
Sun Jan 9 09:39:54 PST 2005


since linux kernel 2.6.10, there's a new concept introduced into vanilla
(similar to the patches by RML, ArjanV, Kay Sievers ea) which enables
the kernel to send out event messages to userspace through a netlink
socket (check include/linux/kobject_uevent.h and lib/kobject_uevent.c).

I thought it was useful to send these event messages to the DBUS system
socket, so applications can pick them up easily, without the need to
listen to netlink sockets and whatsoever.

I wrote a little application based on Kay's work which does this. Some
more information on this is available at [1] and [2].

Now my question is: would it be a good thing to get this inside the dbus
daemon itself, code to check the netlink socket and generate dbus
messages? This would of course be Linux-specific (and should be
implemented in a way it doesnt interrupt dbus working on other systems),
but it'd take away the need of one more daemon running.

The code itself could be fairly easy I think, if you guys think it's a
good thing to have it inside DBUS, I'll be glad to hack it in and
provide a patch.

Please let me know what you think,


http://blog.eikke.com/index.php/ikke/2005/01/08/udev_kernel_events_part_2 (yeah I know, wrong title :()

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