[patch] add owner-changed signal to DBusGProxy

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Fri Jul 15 00:15:56 EST 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 19:36 -0400, Colin Walters wrote:

> > The reason for the hack is that trying to do it cleanly never seemed to
> > work for all the cases. GTK has some crazy complicated Makefile rules
> > for this kind of thing. 
> Again, I think the GTK+ rules were written for an Automake that predates
> BUILT_SOURCES and that is the source of the complexity.  I've added Owen
> to the CC, maybe he can comment.  Ideally we'd get example Automake
> usage added to the glib-genmarshal man page if indeed the below usage is
> incorrect.
> We've been doing the exact same thing in Rhythmbox though for years now,
> and from a quick glance at my gnome CVS tree, gnome-panel and evince do
> the same, and I'm sure more modules do.  If it's broken, it must be in a
> subtle way.

Not really sure what the question is. The GTK+ rules are in fact rather
overcomplicated: it isn't actually related to BUILT_SOURCES, but rather
I think it was done to match the generation of gtktypebuiltins.h.
gtktypebuiltins.h is done that way to avoid rebuilding all of GTK+
for changes to header files that don't change the numerations.

If you look at the GDK marshaler generation rules, they are pretty much
what you have below, except that they remove the .tmp file on failure.

The same thing is documented in:



> (Owen, for reference here are the rules in question)
> dbus-gmarshal.c: Makefile dbus-gmarshal.list
> 	@GLIB_GENMARSHAL@ --prefix=_dbus_g_marshal $(srcdir)/dbus-gmarshal.list --header --body > $@.tmp && mv $@.tmp $@
> dbus-gmarshal.h: Makefile dbus-gmarshal.list
> 	@GLIB_GENMARSHAL@ --prefix=_dbus_g_marshal $(srcdir)/dbus-gmarshal.list --header > $@.tmp && mv $@.tmp $@
> BUILT_SOURCES += dbus-gmarshal.c dbus-gmarshal.h

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