[patch] Add GetConnectionUnixSecurityContext

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Fri Jul 15 22:31:16 EST 2005

On Jul 14, 2005, at 1:59 AM, Colin Walters wrote:

> Hi,
> This patch adds a GetConnectionUnixSecurityContext method to the bus.

Looks useful. Is this specifically for SELinux or also useful for  
other Unices? IOW, are security contexts a standardized thing, e.g.  
POSIX or something?

My point is that maybe it's better to actually call this  
GetConnectionSELinuxSecurityContext() much like we call it  
GetConnectionUnixUser() and GetConnectionUnixProcessId() cause Win32  
is different here (and UnixUser and UnixProcessId is covered by e.g.  

> This will be useful for any application that wants to act as a  
> userspace
> object manager and is a D-BUS service.  Nalin in particular was asking
> me for this for his "oddjob" program.

How about a test-case for this a'la check_get_connection_unix_user()  
and friends in bus/dispatch.c?


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