_dbus_get_oom_wait magic

Timo Hoenig thoenig at suse.de
Wed Jul 27 03:44:27 EST 2005


whenever I dare to run several turns of

      * establish a connection
      * send a message (signal or method call) to the bus
      * close the connection

within short intervals, latter turns are really slow (roughly more than

While debugging it turned out that the invocation of
dbus_connection_dispatch()  in  _dbus_loop_dispatch  returns
DBUS_DISPATCH_NEED_MEMORY.  Thus,  _dbus_wait_for_memory  and
_dbus_wait_for_memory get invoked which leads to the delay of 500ms.

Now, since my system does not run out of memory, I am wondering if there
is some bug in the  dbus_connection_dispatch  routine which I am not
able to understand to its full extend.


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